The object of ASCA shall be to foster good relations among those employed in civil aviation by promoting and encouraging social, cultural, and sporting relations between the staffs of member and other airlines.

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"It has become different"

The Corona crisis brings us a particularly challenging time - for all of us.. and has now become a test of patience for everyone.

So we live in challenging times:
planned projects have to be postponed indefinitely, solutions must be sought that help over current problems
and curb the spread of the virus and at the same time a basis should and must be created on how things will continue "after Corona".

Many find it difficult to withdraw from the collective field.

Nothing is the same as it was before, and it will probably not be as fast as it was before ... !?
That sounds dramatic, but owing to the situation it is quite realistic.

Crises are offers in life to change. You don't even need to know what should be new. You just have to be ready and confident

We think, despite all the isolation and isolation, a kind of cohesion is taking place.
We talk (video) a lot with family and friends. Everyone is insecure and a bit speechless, but we stick together.
Go shopping for each other. Picks up materials from school and brings them for the other parents.
Exchanges ideas on how to survive the time, be it with game ideas or practical tips for working from home.
It feels like people are less busy fighting each other. We hope this kind of cohesion and humanity will continue after the crisis.

It is good when we recognize that the saying “In every crisis there is an opportunity” is more than true.

We hope we can learn that we are part of a wonderful and not always predictable world and that we can find more humanity, respect
and appreciation for everything around us.

Dear ASCA members,
our sports club has already made it through many difficult times - now we are facing the next challenge.
Fortunately, we have real fighters among our members. We trust that we will master this situation together and ask for support at the same time:
The membership fees help us to survive economically. Together we are strong!

Stay healthy!

Sincerely, your board of directors:

   McEvoy Jim - chairperson
   Robles Francesco Puerto "Paco" - vice chairperson

   Beck Paul - general secretary and finances
   Wagner Erich - event manager and website admin